Ramble: 1 Year Later.

Hi! It’s good to be writing a little blog again. Is it obvious I’m not good at blogging? Holy crap right? I’ve not done much here but it’s been a year on and there’s a good couple of you who are interested enough in my work to stick around. So I’m crazy thankful. Trust me, … Continue reading Ramble: 1 Year Later.


The Trill.

The noise rang out into the night. Every lurking shadow, rabid dog and man with a need to heavy his purse would be looking for the noise maker.

The Docks.

The rolling wind blew through the three inch opening in the window. Forehead cold against the glass. The bitter summer rain lashed against the concrete streets. A party of six darted from tree to tree to the houses across the street, faint laughs growing fainter. The sky had turned a blue grey in the late afternoon more saturated into the night.